Sustainability is fundamental to your brand's success

Sustainability is fundamental to your brand's success

  • UK retailers have pledged to halve environmental impact of their customers shopping basket
  • UK sales of ethical food & drink are increasing more than 12% year on year
  • 50% of consumers go out of their way to buy products with strong sustainability credentials
A consistent narrative is critical

But, there is a lot of noise

Consumers are anxious about greenwashing.  Retailers are demanding, and there's not enough internal alignment or collaboration.  Effectively communicating sustainability credentials is proving increasingly difficult.

We built Clara™, the UK’s leading sustainability database

Meet Clara™, the UK's product-scoring sustainability database

A knowledge base making data-driven decisions easy, right across your business.

Analysing over 100,000 businesses and their ethical and environmental impact. Scoring 280,000 supermarket products for their environmental, social and nutritional impact.

Data that is unique, and creates actionable insights at the click of a button.

Clara™ delves into the Impact Score Databank. Surfacing insights and benchmarks at consumer, company, brand, category, and product levels.










Sustainability Measures

Clara™ data and insights help in three key ways…

1. Unparalleled benchmarks and insights to improve your sustainability impact

1. A data-driven framework to underpin your sustainability goals

  • A consistent narrative and measurement across the business
  • Benchmarking performance against competitors and own-label
  • Monitoring trends to speed up your trajectory
3. Enable marketers to communicate your positive environmental, nutritional and social impact

2. Enable marketers to communicate your positive environmental, nutritional and social impact

Prove your brand value by turning product data into engaging, credible communications:

  • Proof-backed, measured messaging
  • Reduced risk of greenwashing claims
  • Simple, clear and trusted messages
2. Help your sales teams better engage your retail buyers

3. Help your sales teams better engage your retail buyers

Align with retailer initiatives and prove:

  • Environmental, social and nutritional credentials of your products
  • Ethical practices of your business
  • Your positive impact on sustainability initiatives e.g. WWF's Commitment For Nature
Our Product Sustainability Measures

Sustainability measures that consumers care about

Users of our Impact Score Shopping app tell us what product features are important to them, and what criteria they want us to measure.

Certification and validation organisations

Validated Methodology

We measure thousands of data points across products and companies.  Working with a network of researchers and certification bodies, we apply complex algorithms, to create the sustainability ratings. Academics validate the whole process - learn more here>

Demo video of the Clara™ platform

A 2-minute introduction to our sustainability scoring database

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